AD-6200 Plus

Rs 7,500 / USD $54



AC/DC Powered

This excellent speaker is dual powered speaker as it supports AC/DC function.


Use its Bluetooth feature to play your favorite audio files.

USB and SD/MMC Card

Play MP3 files directly and continuously with flash drive and SD/MMC Card.

Remote Control Feature

Remote Control function allows user to control audio output.

Output Power

56 Watts (R.M.S)

Hi-Fi Sub-woofer

The sub-woofer is excellent in nature to provide high class bass output.

Bass Duct technology is engineered to enhance the lower frequency and provide high bass output.

Drive Unit

Sub-Woofer: 5.25 Inches

Satellite: 3 inches x 2

Frequency Response

30Hz ~ 20 KHz

FM Radio

Enjoy your favorite F.M Channels on FM radio.

Magnetically Shielded

It has magnetically shielded sub-woofer to enhance quality bass output.

Body Made

Wooden made sub-woofer body to enhance quality of Bass.

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