Dany Amaze AX-100 Android Box

Rs 6,990 / USD $44


Dany Amaze AX-100 Android Box

Product ReviewAfter the good outcome of  Amaze AX-50 Android box Dany is pushing out Amaze AX-100 with covered by general rule good quality and beautiful design. Dany is pleased as the outcome of good things done to put forward, into use a new HDTV Android Box, make very surprised AX-100. Lock your specially supported views, play playing activity, watch videos readily. In Android box market its become very popular in a very short time. Dany Amaze AX-100 has a powerful viewing part decoder which can grip 30 frames per second. Make your screen bigger and better by joining it with make very surprised. It comes under 1-year warrenty that goods are in good condition and has new move forward points.

Dany Amaze AX-100 Android Box Specifications

Android TV

It is equipped with android 9.0 which is easy to use.
This device includes Quad core processor.
New WIFI feature available that enables users to catch their favorite shows, enjoy video calling, watch videos and much more
Voice Control
Android Ax-50 has a new voice control feature that provides users a voice option to search and operate easily.
Includes 4K Ultra HD, powerful video decoder that can handle up to 30 frames per second.
It includes a 32 GB memory store as much content as you want.
4 GB
This new device has an option of USB as well.
A remote is attached so that one can easily control the device.
TF Card
Trans Flash option is best for the users.
HDMI Cables
A cable is also provided, and it includes coaxial optical as well.
A 3 in 1 port, allows users with ease to use this device.
4K Ultra HD Technology Support

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