Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Core i3 3rd Generation 8GB RAM 128GB SSD

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook
Rs 30,000 / USD $194

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

Product Review

Dell is well-known in the laptop industry for its honesty and security features that have been important for a long time now. Dell is best known for standard business laptops or notebooks. We are proud to present this colorful Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook laptop at Moon Computer & Mobiles. Portable Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook laptop that packs the highest specs in the list. Who said business brochures should be boring? The 14-inch Dell Latitude 6430u is built for the rough business world, thanks to the strict MIL-Spec test, but it plays a smooth and stylish chassis. The Intel Core i3 processor and swift 128GB SSD will help you breathe through your to-do list before it expires, while robust security software will keep your data safe. Read on to find out why Latitude is a high-end business machine.

The Dell Latitued Series is a lightweight or thinner made of fine material and is very popular in the laptop market. We are updating the Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook with a 14-inch Thin Panel display, its 64Bit processor for Intel technology i3-3687U 3rd Generation. The Dell Latitude E6430U laptop comes with an 8 GB DDR3 high speed Ram bus. Its SSD Hard disk technology 128GB SSD. Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook gave him a better Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card.

The Dell Latitude 6430u is a small cousin of the Ultrabook in the Dell Latitude E series 14 “apart from business roots, this stylish looking laptop looks smaller than 0.82” thanks to a side-by-side design reminiscent of the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabooks. The Latitude 6430U has a 14 “display and Intel Core ULV CPU like its Ultrabook brethren, but weighs 3.7 kilograms more than the standard 3rd Ultrabook. That means it is still much lighter than the standard 14” notebooks on the market.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Specifications


Processor Type Intel® Core i3
Processor Speed 2.1GHz
Hard drive size 128GB SSD
Installed RAM 8GB
Screen size 14.0 Inches
Operating system (Primary) DOS
Processor Type Intel® Core i3
Processor Model i3-3687U Third Generation
Processor Speed 2.1GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.3GHz
Processor Bits 64-Bits
Processor Threads 4
No of Cores 2
L2 cache  
L3 cache 4 MB
Bus speed
Number of memry slots 2 Slots
Installed RAM 8GB
Maximum memory
Type of memory DDR3 – 1600MHz SDRAM
Hard drive size 128GB SSD
Hard drive speed
Optical Drive Yes
Type of optical drive 8X DVD+/-RW
Internal/External Internal
Type of harddrive SATA
Card Reader Yes
Type of memory cards Multi-Format Digital Media Card Reader
Number of SSDs
SSD size
Dedicated graphics No
Graphics processor Intel HD Graphics 4000
Maximum shared graphics memory
Aspect ratio 16:9
Backlight LED
Screen size 14.0 Inches
Screen surface Anti-Glare LED-backlit
Screen resolution 1366 x 768
Touchscreen No
Colors Black
Dimensions (WxHxD) 13.86 x 1.05 x 9.49 mm
Weight 4.44 Ibs
Fingerprint Reader Yes
Numeric keyboard No
Backlit keyboard Yes
3G No
Bluetooth Yes
Type of bluetooth 4.0
Speed 10/100/1000
Modem No
Wireless/Wifi Yes
Type 1540 ( 802.11 a/b/g/n )
Infrared No
DVI out No
Firewire No
Headphone output Yes
Microphone input Yes
Parallel port No
S/PDIF out No
Serial port No
TV-out No
USB 2.0 Yes
USB 3.0 Yes
USB Ports (Total) 2
Number of outputs 1
HDMI version
VGA Output Yes
Battery life 3, 4 Hours
Battery type Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery
No of cells 6 Cells
Camera Yes
No. of effective pixels 2.0 MP
Remote Control No
32/64-bit OS 64-Bits
Operating system (Primary) DOS
OS (Secondary) Ubuntu Linux 11.10
Included software
Product page
Warranty No Warranty
Price 30,000 Price as per condition

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Review

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Impressive Design

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

Due to the small structure and the rounded frame, the 6430u at first glance was not what we expected from the standard powerful and powerful construction of the standard Latitude model. The edges and corners appear smooth and very consistent when the glossy metal texture of the outer cover has been replaced by a glossy sheet, coated with a thin layer of rubber all over the matte surface.

The composition of magnesium alloy and dark gray and black colors, however, is no doubt Dell. The matte unit everywhere retains the Dell and Latitude logos, making it perfect for a business area where glossy areas can be distracting or unattractive. Fingerprints are easy to build, but they do not hurt to clean clean even if there is a rubber area, cover and palm rest area.

The machine has a magnesium frame and a metal finish with Dell’s touch soft finish at the bottom but attractive. The metal ring saves it from the visible black monotony and the Dell logo on the cover is much smaller than the XPS series. It has a reusable island style keyboard with two Alps trackpad and an eraser stick pointer reminiscent of ThinkPads, competing with two mouse buttons (set above the trackpad trackpad and the bottom set of trackpad). Dell says the Latitude 6430u has passed 16 mil tests (although they did not give us a list of actual tests passed) and it sounds solid and lasts a long time.

Latitude has a spill-resistant keyboard and an LCD icon around the screen. The heat and noise of the fans is very low as Latitude operates peacefully and cools the Intel ULV components with open stock. Fingerprint scanner with TPM is available for a modest $ 7.50 (why not do the usual when the cost is too low?) And Dell Data Protection / Encryption software is available at no additional cost.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Ports and Webcam

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

Unlike most laptops, the Latitude 14 E7470 has multiple ports on the back panel. This means you have to take a few additional steps to access the PC’s power port, with two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a Mini DisplayPort connector, and an Ethernet port. The only ports you will find are the headphone / microphone, SD card slot, SIM card slot, port, and a single USB 3.0 port. And you should know that the laptop does not have a new USB C port, a fast charger, an accessory, and this can be a problem for those looking for a reliable car in the future.

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The wide range of back ports makes it easy to access Dell’s family shuttle port, and it’s easy to turn a laptop into a complete workplace with monitors and resources. The ports also help to keep the edges of your laptop and are thin and seamless. While it’s okay, if you’re going to find your latitude at work, it can be a little painful to go behind ports to connect things while you’re traveling. A portable computer with a 720p camera is accurate enough to customize your conference calls, but you will be amazed at your selfies. I saw this very clear pixelation of your photos as mine was in the event of a large dark area.

Dell Latitude 6430u is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 or Ubuntu. It has two USB 3.0 ports with sleep-charging, decent stereo speakers, 3.5mm audio out, built-in webcam mics, eSATA port and full-size VGA, HDMI ports and card space -SD full. Built in gigabit Ethernet, which you must have a business brochure.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Durability

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

Latitude notebooks tend to perform best when under pressure by maintaining at least a basic clock measurement in all total pressure tests. At 6430u, we have used Prime95 and FurMark compression benchmarks such as HWiNFO, GPU-Z, and CPU-Z as monitoring tools. It should be noted that HWiNFO had problems monitoring the real-time CPU clock rate, so CPU-Z was used for this purpose instead.

With Prime95’s only CPU compression function, both cores are able to maintain a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 2600 MHz, or higher above its 1800 MHz speed while remaining at about 81 degrees Celsius. Like FurMark, the integrated GPU went down from its 1150 MHz Turbo Boost speed to the 900 MHz set, or higher above 650 MHz and 350 MHz had the idle speed, respectively. The GPU power output was 11 Watts according to the GPU-Z.

In high-end loading of both Prime95 and FurMark running simultaneously, the CPU quickly lost any of the benefits of Turbo Boost and instead maintained its clock speed of 1800 MHz. Currently, the GPU has shifted between 700 MHz and 900 MHz in all full-time pressure tests. Cores remain stable at temperatures above 80 degrees C, but it should be noted that GPU power reduced to only 7 Watts has a variable GPU load that was not detected during FurMark pressure alone. This may indicate a limited TDP limit or a power source that may not provide enough power to the processor in its most demanding state.

However, both CPUs and GPUs have never been immersed under their own low clock levels even under absolute pressure and the 3DMark06 rating pressure also has almost identical numbers, thus ensuring no disruption problems under our conditions. Running from batteries alone will result in a slight immersion in GPU points (4916 points in batteries vs. 5318 points in AC power) while CPU points are unchanged. This has negative effects on video playback and the type of office work and is not visible during playback.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook FHD Display

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

The 14.0-inch anti-glare screen offers a 1366×768 pixel solution, a standard budget for standard printing by 15 inches or less. Dell does not offer any other options during the update, so those who trust the 1280×800 or Crisper 1600×900 sign are out of luck. This compares with the 14-inch Latitude E6430, which gives users a choice between a standard 1366×768 display or a 1600×900 display. In short, the matte display delivers clean and well-written text and images. Other than that, there is nothing special or unique about the screen.

The average brightness of about 200 values ​​is measured in all 9 quadrants on the screen. This makes the 6430u display very close to that of Latitude E6430 with an equally impressive light distribution of more than 90 percent. Unfortunately, both displays also share an unpopular black level equal to 1.5 cd / m2 so the minimum difference is only 130: 1. Therefore, 6430u is a bad choice for heavy or extended movie / video use. Business use and heavy text work, however, deep dark levels are less appealing than other applications.


We really like everything about Latitude 6430u without the display. 1366 x 768 WLED rear panel with reverse viewing angles, not much difference with OK color gamut (56% of Adobe sRGB). The colors will suit business users enough but graphics professionals should look elsewhere unless you plan to enter the external monitor using full VGA or HDMI size. Dell offers a resolution of 1600 x 900, or we should have used the Enterprise section of their website to get that option.

On the positive side, this is a matte display so light is not a problem. That’s a good thing because with 200 layers of light, Latitude can’t fight the bright light and the light can also diminish the look. This is not a touch screen, and that can make using Metro UI for Windows 8 boring, even though the fingerprint handles handle fine touch. For those of you who are ordering a machine with Windows 7 or planning to spend all your time on the Windows 8 desktop UI, this is not a violation of the agreement.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Sound Quality

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

Stereo speakers are located near the front edges of the notebook as in other large Latitudes. Apart from the new design, the sound quality is very good and very limited despite the high prices. There is an obvious shortage of bass, which is expected to be taken from the textbook for this section. Speakers are sufficient for occasional music and are loud enough in regular classrooms and conference rooms, but outdoor speaker solutions are ideal for long periods of time or extended movie playback.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Keyboard

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

The illuminated Chiclet Keyboard (29 cm x 11 cm) leaves a different impression than our other Latitude siblings as it is not the same Bevled style we are accustomed to from the series. This could be Dell’s attempt to make the Ultrabook more “modern” with a Chiclet style similar to that of competing Ultrabooks. Each letter key in 6430u looks like a rectangle instead of a square, so they appear longer than wide. Despite all the ups and downs, the typing details are correct, if not different compared to other Latitudes.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Performance and Graphics

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

The integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU has been extensively tested and marked here in Notebookcheck. For models with ULV CPUs such as 6430u, the integrated graphics performance of the Turbo Boost is slower than standard processors (1150 MHz vs. 1200 MHz). Side differences appear to have little effect on the graphics capabilities of the 6430u as the final points from 3DMark benches are much larger than other books with standard voltage of IVB cores such as the Fujitsu Lifebook T902 and HP ProBook 6470b. Users will not notice significant differences in performance and exercise during the game.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Battery Life and Cooling System

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

The 6430u can be fitted with a removable battery of 60 Wh or 36 Wh Li polymer. The module is closer to the side compared to other Ultrabooks (HP Folio 9470m, Toshiba U940, and Dell XPS 13 using 52 Wh, 45 Wh, and 47 Wh batteries, respectively) making the 6430u a good combination of travelers. . ordinary people who say you have a habit of handling extra batteries.

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We use the Battery Eater app to perform our standard battery life tests. To test high battery life, the manual was placed in Power Saver mode with disabled wireless radios and low screen light. When left unattended, we were able to record battery life for up to 7 hours.

For low battery life, we have used the Battery Eater Classic Test while in high performance profile with a powerless radio. The book was able to sit for about two hours before automatically shutting down.

Our authentic WLAN test includes a low profile profile rated at 150 cd / m2 screen light (setting 8/10). When we stopped using the simulation browser script to mimic the normal web browsing conditions, we were able to record battery life for about 4.5 hours.

Dell claims to “everyday battery life” at 6430u, but our results show that the only way to approach even the “all-day” operating time would be to leave the notebook idle with very low light. Instead, users can expect a real 4 to 5 window for normal use from 6430u to work and activity settings.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Battery Specifications

This machine is available with a 36WH 3 cell or 6 cell battery. We have a 6 cell 60 WH fully integrated into the flow lines of the laptop, and handles 6.5 to 7 hours of charge for normal business use and projected light output set to 50% usable.

The device comes with a standard-style charger with 65W notebooks and the device supports fast charging. In an hour the laptop charge up to 80% from 15%. It helps if you have a short break between flights at the airport.

An Ultrabook with Upgradable Parts

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook

Ultrabooks tend to turn off news when even the battery can be removed. Not so with Dell, and we’re sure IT stores will love the Latitude 6430u. Not only is the battery removable (slide the latch to remove it), but with two Phillips head screws standing between you and the inside. Remove the plate below and you can access two standard DDR3 SODIMM RAM slots (1600MHz RAM standard modules), a mSATA SSD, a half-height wireless card and a full square height 3G HSPA + or 4G LTE module wireless. Note that there is no room for a standard 2.5-inch hard drive replacement.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Security features

Click to Enhance Latitude 6430u has many security measures for business and IT staff. Intel vPRO technology gives IT operators remote access to the Ultrabook to monitor battery life, perform system updates or wipe the hard drive. Important files can be encrypted with Dell Data Protection / Encryption. There is also a Trusted Platform Module to build security authentication to control access to the hard drive.

Dell Latitude E6430U Ultrabook Main Features

  1. Thin, lightweight and beautifully designed.
    Manage your workload with a peripheral laptop built with imagination outside as it is inside. Slim, light Latitude ™ 6430u is just fine on all sides.
  2. The most durable Ultrabook™.
    Work confidently with Ultrabook strong enough to withstand daily business pressures. Latitude 6430u is the only Ultrabook tested with 14 MIL-STD-810G standards.
  3. Environmentally conscious design.
    Latitude can help your organization meet its environmental goals with a design that saves flames (BFR) and PVC for free.
  4. Experience the performance of an Ultrabook™.
    With high-performance processors, a new, optional Windows® 8 Pro system and hard-state hard drives, Latitude 6430u delivers the processing power you need.
  5. Discover true versatility.
    Make the most of your work day with Latitude 6430u. Various features such as a 6-day battery life with 6 cells, flexible batteries and a wireless dock to choose from make it easy.
  6. Collaborate easily.
    Whether you’re working with a colleague on the other side of the table or multiple partners around the world, Latitude 6430u makes it easy to integrate everyone.
  7. The world’s most manageable Ultrabook™.
    The Latitude 6430u offers Dell’s unique off-band capabilities that make it the world’s most powerful UlPrabook ™ vPro.
  8. Business-class security.
    Protect your data and meet compliance standards with the full range of protections available, including the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Dell Data Protection | Encryption.
  9. Dell service and support.
    Bring the opportunity to control the most backward customers in your Latitude area by using various Dell solutions and services.

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