Fake mobile device registrations in Pakistan

Beware of Mobile Device Fake Registration:7 Year Imprisonment

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in organization with the FIA is apparently venturing up endeavors to check counterfeit cell phone enrollments. FIA has begun capturing the two business people and clients engaged with these phony enlistments and the offenders will be granted 7 years of detainment to appropriately boycott the utilization of rebellious gadgets.

Not long ago, it surfaced that PTA blocked phones are being opened operating at a profit showcase for as low as Rs. 2000. PTA had begun the utilization of DIRBS and forbidding of rebellious telephones on 30th April after a progression of augmentations in due date to getting your cell phone enrolled. At that specific time, around 2.8 million gadgets were to be restricted by PTA and the requirement of this new advance demonstrates that there were obstructions in the manner.

A legal counselor acquainted with the circumstance remarked that opening these rebellious gadgets and their utilization in Pakistan is unlawful according to The Prevention of Electronics Crimes Act, 2016. Fundamentally one of the approaches to sidestep the PTA DIRBS framework is to abuse the accreditation of a worldwide voyager for reconstructing the IMEI of the cell phone and this offense can prompt 7 years of prison time.

The following clauses of the PECA 2016 apply to the person using a non-compliant device in Pakistan:

  • Unapproved duplicating or transmission of basic framework information.- Whoever mind deceptive aim and without approval duplicates or generally transmit or cause to be transmitted any basic foundation information will be rebuffed with detainment for a term which may reach out to five years, or with fine which may stretch out to five million rupees or with both.
  • Impedance with basic framework data framework or information.- Whoever with untrustworthy aim meddles with or harms, or causes to be meddled with or harmed, any part or entire of a basic data framework, or information, will be rebuffed with detainment which may stretch out to seven years or with fine which may reach out to ten million rupees or with both.

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