FLEX F-600

Rs 6950 / USD $50


FLEX F-600

Product Review

After the good outcome of Previous Audionic 2.1 Speakers is pushing out FLEX F-600 with not covered by general rule sound quality and beautifull design. Its LED display enables you to monitor your controls. FLEX F-600 has an out-put power of 45 W + 10W x 2 that provides enough power for your Mehfils, Gatherings and Family functions. FLEX F-600 comes with very famous and important features such as; Bluetooth, usb Aux, remote, FM radio and so on. You can play MP3 files directly and smoothly by plugging in USB. FLEX F-600 making a better sound, with its special 6.5 inches Sub-Woofer and 3 inches x 2 Satellite. Completely, in this price range FLEX F-600 is the best choice for costumers of sound lovers.

Audionic FLEX F-600 Specifications


Use its Bluetooth feature to play your favorite audio files.
USB and SD/MMC Card
Play MP3 files directly and continuously with flash drive and SD/MMC Card.
Remote Control Feature
Remote Control function allows user to control audio output.
Output Power
45 W + 10W x 2
Drive Unit
Sub-Woofer: 6.5 inches
Satellite: 3 inches x 2
Frequency Response
35Hz ~ 20 KHz
Aux Input
LED Display and RGB Lights
LED display enables you to monitor your controls
Built-in FM Radio
Never miss your favorite program FLEX F-600 offers built-in FM radio anytime anywhere

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