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Space is going to popular in Multimedia market day by day. After the good outcome of wireless speakers and 2.1 speakers Space is pushing out GHOST GH-861 Trolley speakers with not covered by general rule sound quality and beautiful design. GHOST GH-861 has an out-put power of  60 Watts that provides enough power for your Mehfils, Taraweeh, Gatherings, Family functions. Improve your prayers arrangement and involvement with HD sound level. GHOST GH-861 comes with very famous and important features such as;Bluetooth, usb Aux, remote, FM radio and so on. Completely, in this price range GHOST GH-861 is the best choice for the costumers of sound lovers.

GHOST GH-861 Specifications

Digital Display

Equalizer Control
It has 5 band Equalizer/ Controllers.
Echo Function
Use Bluetooth function to pair it with any Bluetooth enabled device.
USB and SD/MMC Card
Play your music audio files directly with USB and SD/MMC Card feature.
FM Radio
The built-FM Radio feature allows you to enjoy your favorite programs whenever you want.
Remote control
The wire-less remote, controls the output function of the system.
Karaoke MIC JACK
01 ports
Wired MIC
Wireless MIC
01 Wireless Mic with HD voice
Head Geared MIC
Live Recording
Through MIC you can record audio directly in USB
AUX/Karaoke port
User can also experience audio files from its Aux port
Audio Out
Rechargeable Battery
Its rechargeable battery can last for long hours
Battery Timing
3-4 Hours
Delay and Repeat
Space is proud to launch Delay and Repeat effect for the first time in its new Trolley Series
External DC Battery
Output Power
60 W (RMS)
Drive Unit
8 inch Woofer + Tweeter
Free Speaker stand

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