The double screen show highlight permits the video design and screen share content to be put on two separate screens/screens. Exhibition or speaker view can be shown on one screen while the other screen shows a substance share. This is helpful for PPT introductions and concealing notes from the members.

How to Share or Enable Multiple Screens on Zoom

Enabling Dual Monitor Option

Assuming you have numerous screen arrangement, you can take full advantage of this element by empowering the double screen choice in Zoom client settings. This is the way you can make it happen.

  • Sign in to your Zoom account.
  • Click on the profile icon then settings.
  • Next up, click on the “general” tab.
  • Now navigate to the “use dual monitor” option and click on “check box” to enable the setting.

How to Share or Enable Multiple Screens on Zoom

When this setting has been empowered, you can see member video on one screen and your common screen on the other.

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To enable the dual monitors feature for your own use:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Client.
  2. Click your profile picture then click Settings.
    How to Share or Enable Multiple Screens on Zoom
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Navigate to the Use dual monitors option and verify that the setting is enabled.

NOTE: When you turn the Dual screen choice on, it will be empowered for all of your Zoom gatherings. To utilize this include for a brief time, return to the settings and uncheck the container. You would NOT be able to make the setting change while you are in a gathering. You should leave the gathering and return.

Using dual-monitor displays in a Meeting

After joining or beginning a gathering, you will see a Zoom window on each screen. The gathering controls and member’s video will show on one screen, while the other screen will simply show members’ video.

When you start sharing your screen, you can continue to view participant’s video on the other monitor:

How to Share or Enable Multiple Screens on Zoom

Enabling simultaneous screen sharing as the meeting host

  1. Start your Zoom meeting as the host.
  2. Click the upward arrow to the right of Share Screen , then, at that point, select Multiple members can share all the while.
  3. This permits different members to share their screen simultaneously.
    Note: Zoom Rooms and members utilizing the Zoom versatile application can share if no other person is sharing.

Sharing screens at the same time

Any members (counting the host) utilizing the Zoom work area client would click Share Screen to be able to start sharing. Even assuming that a somebody is as of now sharing a screen, another member can start sharing. Learn more about sharing your screen.

Depending on their setup, participants will see the following:

  • Members utilizing double screens can see the two most as of late shared screens on each screen.
  • Members utilizing a solitary screen see the most as of late shared screen. Members would select View Options to be able to change the screen they are seeing.
  • Members utilizing the Zoom versatile application see the most as of late shared screen. They can’t change the screen they are seeing.

As the host, you can decide to change to the option One member can share at a time for any piece of the gathering. See the guidelines on how to share a share a screen when only each member can partake in turn.

Sharing Multiple Screens Limitations

Sharing multiple screens simultaneously has the following limitations:

  • At the point when you empower the choice to share various screens all the while, the options Share PC audio and Optimize for full-screen video clip are not accessible. 
  • Members in Zoom Rooms or utilizing the portable application can’t share when any other person is sharing. 
  • This highlight is not available for use in Webinars.