Mehfil MH-205 Microphone

Rs 3,000 / USD $22


Mehfil MH-205 Microphone

Product Review

Audionic is a very famous company. Audionic Campany has a strong market share in the speaker market, which is why it has become popular in multimedia market, but now Audionic is going to change the market trend with the new item Mahfil MH-205 Microphone. Mahfil MH-205 Microphone also have a mini bluetooth speakers that are good sound producers that provides very good or highest quality sound for small public. you can plug and play with USB connectivity. This is the best sound recording program that allows you to live recording.

Mahfil MH-205 Microphone Specifications


Use Bluetooth function to pair it with any Bluetooth enabled device.
USB Supported
User can use USB drive to directly play anything.
Now perform karaoke with echo sound to make the voice quality much better.
Live Recording
Through MIC you can record audio directly in USB
Bluetooth Range
7 to 10 meters
Rechargeable Battery
It carries rechargeable battery
Battery Timing
4-6 Hours
Output Power
3w x 2
200Hz ~ 10KHz

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