Nokia 8110 4G phone Now Introducing Whatsapp

The Nokia 8110 4G, warmly known as the banana phone is getting a standout amongst the most well known applications discharged for it. Clients of this KaiOS based phones will at last have the option to WhatsApp utilizing the perplexing yellow phone.

Reported amid MWC 2018, the rebound of the Nokia 8110 4G absolutely made some clamor. Generally focused as an auxiliary telephone, the 8110 spoke to a more seasoned group for nostalgic reasons.

Be that as it may, the usefulness of the 8110 4G was constrained because of the absence of applications usually found on iOS and Android stages. This, could likewise be considered as a selling point for the banana telephone, giving the hyper-associated client a break.

Be that as it may, WhatsApp is a key prerequisite for some like telephone calls and instant messages. Furthermore, those clients would now be able to put their principle cell phone away amid times they would prefer not to be assaulted with information and continue with the Nokia 8110.

Different applications effectively accessible on KaiOS incorporate Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter. WhatsApp can be downloaded from the KaiOS store on your Nokia 8110. While content informing and sending photographs/recordings functions admirably with it, it at present does not bolster voice informing or calls.

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