Smart E-Quran AK-555

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Smart E-Quran AK-555

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Ahsan ul kalam Smart E-Quran AK-555 is the bit of burning wood of its kind especially designed to help individuals for reciting, hearing, learning by heart and views, knowledge Holy record of teachings by Mohammed. This powerful apparatus has a nothing like it technology to digital copy and read any page in the Holy record of teachings by Mohammed. For hearing or recitation, you just have to place the pen over the page, book division or verse in the Holy record of teachings by Mohammed. This apparatus is a complete change in E-Quran learning. Now you can learn by heart, get through knowledge and say from memory Holy record of teachings by Mohammed from the comfort of your starting point. In addition to that, you can read the way to offer religion-like requests, different ahadiths and recitation of quranic verses in the voice of greatly respected Qaris from all over the world.

Smart E-Quran AK-555 Specifications


AK 555 is a splendid assisting device with various features to help individuals with recitations, reading, learning and understanding of Holy Quran.
MEMORIZATION Now memorization gets easier. Start memorizing verse by repetition of same verse.
RECORD  Record in your own voice so that you can hear your pronunciation and learn to make it better.
RULES OF RECITING Decrease the chance of mistakes through learning a proper way of reciting.
QIRR’AT  Decrease the chance of mistakes through learning a proper way of reciting.
VOLUME CONTROL  Easiest way of controlling volume by simply touching bars at volume panel.
IMAM VOICE Sheikh Al-Sudais, Sheikh Al-Shuraim, Sheikh Al-Ajami, Sheikh Al-Ghamidi, Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh Al-Minshawi, Sheikh Mahir Al Mueaqly, Mehmood Khalil Al-Hussary, Sheikh Al-Affasi, Sheikh Al-Huzzafi
LANGUAGES English, Urdu, Pasht, Farsi/Persian, Deutsch, Deutsch, French, Malaysian, Kurdish, Indonesian, Uzbik,Turkish
BOOK  Noorani Qaida (HijjykeSath), AsanNamaz, SahiulBukhari, 40 hadith, Talking Dictionary
CARDS  Pocket Quran, Emaniyat, AsanNamaz, AsanWazu , 40 Hadith, MasnoonDuaen, Ahkam e Tajweed, Sunnatain, Seerat e Nabvi, Respect of Parents, Prayers of Hajj, Prayers of Umrah
PACKAGE DETAILS Pen Charger, Downloading / Charging Cable, Audionic Woofer Handfree, Nack Ribbon, DanyWarrany Card, User Manual Guide

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